Round-up: Recommended Reading for the Inquisitive Photographer

The following is a list of books that I found most instructive in digging deeper into the “mechanics” of film photography. Though some of these assume a certain level of familiarity with the black-and-white or certain colour processes, all are helpful texts, with detailed explanations.

  • Anchell, Stephen, 2008. The Darkroom Cookbook, Third Edition. USA: Focal Press. ISBN: 978-0-240-81055-3
  • Anchell, Stephen & Troop, Bill, 1998. The Film Developing Cookbook. USA: Focal Press. ISBN: 978-0-240-80277-0
  • Johnson, Charles S., Jr., 2010. Science for the Curious Photographer: An Introduction to the Science of Photography. USA: A K Peters. ISBN: 978-1-56881-581-7
  • Lambrecht, Ralph W. & Woodhouse, Chris, 2010. Way Beyond Monochrome, Second Edition. USA: Focal Press. ISBN: 978-0-240-81625-8
  • Peres, Michael (ed.), 2007. The Focal Encyclopedia of Photography. USA: Focal Press. ISBN: 978-0-240-80740-9
  • White, Laurie, 1995. Infrared Photography Handbook. USA: Amherst Media. ISBN: 978-0-936-26238-3

I plan to expand this list, adding more useful books as I find them.


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