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Round-up: DIY Film Developer Formulary

The following is essentially a list of lists. Specifically, lists of developer formulations for film.

To date, the film developer with which I’ve had the most experience is Ilford’s ID-11, or the very similar Kodak D-76: “standard issue” for a student of photography, at a time when the available range of analogue photography products is rapidly thinning. As film becomes commercially unsustainable, photographers in that medium may need to take control, and hack their own chemistry.


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Further to my earlier post on coffee-based film developmentCaffeine-Ascorbate Developers are a class of developers that you can literally make in your kitchen.

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2012.06.25 (Mon) 23:48 · 23:48

Photographic formulas from The Frugal Photographer

Here, we have a collection of formulae from the Frugal Photographer website. At least one seems to have been lifted from The Darkroom Cookbook, Third Edition (Anchell, 2008), which is as in-depth a resource as any modern photographer could want.

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2012.06.22 (Fri) 15:16 · 15:16

Heavily caffeinated.

To anyone who knows my ongoing love affair with 1,3,7-trimethylxanthene, you may as well skip over this entry. Those cunning Costa-Ricans (specifically Saul Bolaños) have discovered a silver negative process that utilises coffee in the development process.

The obvious hook is that you have to use their proprietary “photo transfer paper”, which sounds an awful lot like a commercial process dressed in ratty hipster jeans. At least they are kind enough to inform us that it is a “silver-based” process and tell us that the magical compound in the coffee is “CAFFEIC ACID, ( 3,4-Dihydrocinnamic Acid )”.


Also on this page, is a section on making your own silver (chloride) – gelatine emulsion (again using proprietary components), and a method for coating 35-mm glass plates for use in consumer film cameras.

I Just Wish The Web Developer Would Stop Capitalising Every Damn Thing!

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