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Round-up: Recommended Reading for the Inquisitive Photographer

The following is a list of books that I found most instructive in digging deeper into the “mechanics” of film photography. Though some of these assume a certain level of familiarity with the black-and-white or certain colour processes, all are helpful texts, with detailed explanations.

  • Anchell, Stephen, 2008. The Darkroom Cookbook, Third Edition. USA: Focal Press. ISBN: 978-0-240-81055-3
  • Anchell, Stephen & Troop, Bill, 1998. The Film Developing Cookbook. USA: Focal Press. ISBN: 978-0-240-80277-0
  • Johnson, Charles S., Jr., 2010. Science for the Curious Photographer: An Introduction to the Science of Photography. USA: A K Peters. ISBN: 978-1-56881-581-7
  • Lambrecht, Ralph W. & Woodhouse, Chris, 2010. Way Beyond Monochrome, Second Edition. USA: Focal Press. ISBN: 978-0-240-81625-8
  • Peres, Michael (ed.), 2007. The Focal Encyclopedia of Photography. USA: Focal Press. ISBN: 978-0-240-80740-9
  • White, Laurie, 1995. Infrared Photography Handbook. USA: Amherst Media. ISBN: 978-0-936-26238-3

I plan to expand this list, adding more useful books as I find them.


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Round-up: DIY Film Developer Formulary

The following is essentially a list of lists. Specifically, lists of developer formulations for film.

To date, the film developer with which I’ve had the most experience is Ilford’s ID-11, or the very similar Kodak D-76: “standard issue” for a student of photography, at a time when the available range of analogue photography products is rapidly thinning. As film becomes commercially unsustainable, photographers in that medium may need to take control, and hack their own chemistry.

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Round-up: DIY Silver Gelatine Emulsions

I’m afraid this post is nothing but a list of links to various, from-scratch, silver-gelatine, emulsion recipes from around the web.

There appears to be some variations of formulation in these recipes, suggesting there is latitude for error and experimentation. I’ve recently become interested in DIY photochemistry, and will have occasion to use a large-format camera for course work, so yeah, the gears are turning.

The bigger challenge would seem to be the acquisition of chemicals.

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